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Femme Forward

Femme Forward is a European Union (EU)-funded project aimed at empowering women with the skills and confidence to launch tech careers or form new start-ups. It is delivered by a consortium of experienced social value training providers and companies committed to changing the gender balance in tech, and in increasing the number of female founders. Co-funded by the EU, the project runs from January 2023 until December 2024.

By providing inspiring role models, practical skills, and a robust support network, Femme Forward aspires to ignite a new wave of female tech professionals and entrepreneurs. With mentoring opportunities available in seven European languages, this program strives to make tech accessible and to positively impact over 500 women. This is the first big step in reshaping the gender balance in tech and fostering a thriving community of empowered women in the digital age.

Simplon, an AWS re/Start collaborating organization, will officially lead the project, managing the various design and skills training delivery organizations including Engim, Factoria F5, Tech & Teach, Top-IX, Big Blue Data Academy, Cyprus Computer Society, BeCode, Simplon Romania, Simplon.co, Le TechSpace, and Hochschule Hannover University.

AWS re/Start will provide most of the content, exam vouchers, and learning platforms for the ‘Tech Careers’ stream. Tech & Teach will provide the content for the ‘Tech Founders’ stream, focusing on content such as securing investment, writing a business plan, and pitching. All delivery organization members will then deliver the content in their home countries of Italy, Belgium, Germany, Romania, France, Greece, Spain, and Cyprus.



Cyprus Computer Society

The Cyprus Computer Society (CCS) is the ICT professional association of Cyprus. It is a not-for-profit private association which represents the ICT professionals in Cyprus. Established in 1984 and government by a 7-member Board elected every two years, the CCS has more than 1000 members and has been active in the areas of professional training, ICT skills certification, research and development, European projects, and collaborations. Since 1999, the CCS is the National Licensee of the ICDL programme in Cyprus (formerly known as ECDL). CCS is also a full and active member of CEPIS & IFIP and participates in their technical committees & working groups.

CCS is in close collaboration with IT professionals but also the Cyprus Information Technology Enterprises Association, the Cyprus the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, the Cyprus Informatics Teachers Association and all the ICDL Training Centers (around 150). In addition, CCS is a member of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the European Alliance for Innovation, the Council of European Professional Informatics Societies, the International Federation Information Processing and the All Digital network. The society has the capacity to inform both its members through its newsletter and the networks it participates in by sharing its news in their newsletters and mail lists. In addition, to the above channels CCS is active in social media and also can inform the general public by sending out press releases to the local online media and press.

CCS has been involved in various projects targeting students and teachers related to digital skills, coding, robotics, etc. but has also worked on entrepreneurial skills.

In addition, the list below presents the main yearly activities organised by the Society.