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Why Join The Program?

Why Join The Program?

Join the Startup Program
In ten weeks, you will learn everything you need to pitch your business idea.
BUSINESS CONCEPTS: Learn how to build and scale a sustainable business model in expert sessions.
TECH CONCEPTS: Learn how to utilize Cloud Services, build UX prototypes and get an introduction to AI, Cybersecurity and Data Analytics.
EMPOWERMENT: Get inspired by tech role models, learn to communicate skillfully, pitch and lead.
COMMUNITY: Get the power of the community, get to know tech-loving women and expand your network.
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Meet Our Team
Dr Elias Hadjielias

Assistant Professor at Cyprus University of Technology

Monica Ioannidou Polemiti

Technology and Growth Strategist

Konstantinos Kareklas

Strategy and Operations Advisor

Elena Georgiou Strouthos

CTO at Cocoon Creations

Aimilia Tzanavari

UX Professional at LearnWorlds

Sona Kerim

Founder at writelingo

Christiana Aristidou

Founder, Partner & Director at “The Hybrid LawTech Firm”

Emilia Nicolaidou

International Certified Lifecoach

Dr. Marianna Prokopi-Demetriades

Biotech Innovator and Entrepreneur

Xenia Loizidou

Civil/Coastal Engineer & Director ISOTECH

Anna Prodromou

Communications & DEI Consultant

Dimis Michaelides

Author, keynote speaker and magician

Raluca Ioana Man

Brand strategist, Founder RSEVEN LTD

Martin Zarian

Co-founder of Factory 39

Eirini Fotiou

Mental Health Counselor

Stelios Spiliotis

Partner and cofounder of Sagehill Parners

Antigoni Hadjiargyrou

Assistant Manager in Audit & Assurance Sagehill Partners

Moyses Moyseos

Incubator Manager of Gravity Ventures Incubator

Theo Hadjiyianni

Information Security Professional

Elena Mazhuha

Partner at Flyer One Ventures

Chris Droussiotis

Senior Partner at Kinisis Ventures

Gala Grigoreva

Chief Marketing Officer at Adsterra

Pavlos Kleanthous

Founder and Managing Director, Parsectix

Christina Orfanidou

Ethical AI Expert

Panis Pieri

Growth Hacker and Blogger