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Theo Hadjiyianni is an Information Security Professional.

Workshop Title: Social Engineering: AI and Current Trends

Date: Monday, 20 May 2024

Social engineering remains one of the most potent and pervasive threats. However, the landscape of social engineering is rapidly evolving, thanks to the integration of Artificial Intelligence technologies. It's therefore crucial to understand how AI is reshaping the tactics and strategies employed by malicious actors.

The presentation aims to give the starting point to staying ahead of the curve by understanding these emerging threats and developing proactive defence strategies. Moreover, by leveraging AI ourselves, we can augment our cybersecurity efforts, utilizing machine learning algorithms to detect and combat social engineering attacks before they inflict harm.

Trainer's Short BIO

Information Security Professional with over seven years of experience in the Information Technology industry. Presently, I hold the position of Information Security Officer and Penetration Tester at a firm specializing in third-party services for companies within the financial sector. Additionally, I also work as a freelancer, delivering security and development solutions to startup companies in both web2 and web3.

My professional development is sustained through active engagement with seminars and ongoing research into emerging trends within the field. I also actively participate in Capture The Flag competitions to advance my expertise. In 2023, I undertook numerous educational courses and made notable contributions to seminars, including featuring as a guest speaker on a podcast where I advocated for the significance of privacy and the expansion of developer involvement in the blockchain sector. The aim is to foster progress within the domain and limit the current vulnerabilities.