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Eirini Fotiou is a dedicated mental health counselor. 

Workshop Title: How to manage and deal with Stress

Date: Monday, 13 May 2024

In this 2-hour workshop, tailored for young women aspiring to become entrepreneurs, Eirini Fotiou will delve into stress management in the entrepreneurial journey. 

Participants will learn to view stress through a beneficial lens, reframing challenges as motivators. 

The workshop will provide practical strategies for embracing stress positively, enabling attendees to harness stress for motivation and discover effective methods for managing and leveraging stress to their advantage in the competitive business environment.

Trainer's Short BIO

Eirini Fotiou is a dedicated mental health counselor, blending scientific expertise in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with deep empathy to empower individuals and organizations. With over 13 years of corporate experience, she offers tailored interventions for resilience and well-being, and as a dynamic public speaker, she educates on mental health and personal development. 

Eirini's unique perspective is further enriched by her experience as a cancer survivor, offering support to those facing challenges in life and learning how to reframe them. 

Her work emphasizes resilience, compassion, and constructive change.

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