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Christiana Aristidou is the Founder, Partner & Director at “The Hybrid LawTech Firm” empowered by Christiana Aristidou LLC. 

Workshop Title: Navigating the Legal Landscape for Startups

Date: Thursday, 18 April 2024

In the dynamic world of startups, understanding and navigating the legal landscape is paramount for success.  From inception to expansion, startups encounter many legal considerations, requiring robust legal support throughout their business lifecycle to build strong foundations.

Establishing a solid legal framework early on through tasks like entity formation, founder agreements and intellectual property protection is crucial. 

In our upcoming workshop, we will delve into the primary and most critical legal issues that founders of technology startups should consider at the outset of their entrepreneurial journey. This workshop will not only cover pivotal topics like setting up the business plan and choosing the right business structure but also extend to protecting intellectual property rights, regulating the relationship between partners/shareholders and raising capital.  

Additionally, we will explore the essential aspect of building the right relationships through legal agreements and effectively interacting with the public. The trainer’s expertise will guide participants through these complex challenges.

The workshop aims to empower startup founders by providing them with in-depth knowledge and practical strategies, enabling them to establish resilient foundations and pave the way for sustainable growth and long-term success.

Trainer's Short BIO

Christiana Aristidou is a Transnational Technology Lawyer, CEO of “The Hybrid LawTech Firm”, empowered by Christiana Aristidou LLC, regulated by the Cyprus Bar Association (CBA). She has been practicing business and technology law for more than 27 years and is involved in multijurisdictional business and technology legal projects that introduce innovative business models, leverage advanced and emerging technologies, involve a variety of different regulatory regimes and regulators across the globe and require comparative law approach and analysis in their structures.

Christiana is an industry expert and thought leader who stands above subject-matter expertise and is an authority in her field. She has been advising major local and international players on digital transformation as well as startup and new business models, focusing on fintech and payment innovation, innovative project financing, policy and regulation, compliance, and risk management.
A pioneer in the field of training course design, development and delivery, Christiana creates comprehensive training courses with innovative subject combinations and unique content, falling mainly in the intersection of Regulation, Business Law, and Technology. She has indicatively offered training in banking, finance and securities, fintech, payment innovation, and emerging technologies and has trained a great number of individuals, corporations, authorities, and regulators.

Christiana is the head of the national delegation to the ISO TC/307 Blockchain Committee actively contributing to Working Group 3 (WG3) as a project leader for the upcoming standard on the taxonomy and categorization of smart contracts, Working Group 5 (WG5) on Blockchain Governance and Working Group 6 (WG6) on Blockchain Use Cases. She is also a member of the ISO TC/68 Financial Services Committee as well as the ISO TC/322 Sustainable Finance Committee.

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