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Emilia Nicolaidou is a International Certified Lifecoach & Personal Development Mentor. 

Workshop Title: Unleash Today's Way of making Sales. Breaking the Status Quo is challenging but worth it! 

Date: Monday, 22 April 2024

The old way of making sales is dead!
In this workshop we will break free from the old ways of selling and we will engage into making a better understanding of what sales are all about in today.
We are going to break things down and step by step make a clear and structured plan from scratch on the procedure of selling our services or products.
How can a new entrepreneur build resilience on objections, and how to  benefit from understanding the needs of our potential customers.
The first hour and 15 minutes will be spent on explaining the basics in sales, the fundamental truths about sales in today's world, relationship building, which is a major key in creating customer loyalty regardless of the outcome and how to overcome the fear of making cold calls for sales.
Understanding the different personality types to master our skills and grow a deeper understanding on the challenges we are constantly facing while trying to accelerate sales.
The rest 45 minutes could be used for Q and A, but the most important part of this session will be to challenge the participants to join me in a role game and try to implement the techniques and tips explained beforehand.

Trainer's Short BIO

Born in Larnaca and raised in a family of opticians from Famagusta origin.

With a distinguished background in Optometry and Visual science, coupled with certifications and diplomas as a life coach and personal development mentor, I have garnered the trust of discerning individuals and enterprises looking to advance their personal and professional growth.

My attainment of a diploma in Modern Applied Psychology underscores my commitment to a comprehensive understanding of human behavior and cognition. This confluence of qualifications empowers me to offer a sophisticated and comprehensive approach,
addressing vision care and fostering individual and corporate development.

My dedication lies in delivering expert guidance to ease positive transformations and sustainable progress be it visual health or awareness of human potential.

Collaborating closely with individuals and companies for the enhancement of progress whether personally or within their workplace. There is always a better way of doing things, a more productive & efficient way of working and everything / everyone can maximize their options for growth & development.

Everything is possible if your vision is clear and your mindset open to reach the fullest potential.

Founder of & Optimizing Opt-tions is giving me the opportunity to go over the limits every single time I reach a target.

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