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Sona Kerim is a Founder at writelingo and UX Messaging Expert. 

Workshop Title: Building Trust in Your Brand with UX Content Marketing

Date: Wednesday, 17 April 2024

Trust is arguably the most important thing you’ll need, to start seeing ROIs in companies of any size. In a world where people are being fed content all day, every day, it’s important to be able to stand out from the crowd, while building the trust of potential customers. This is where UX Content Marketing comes into play. Ensure you’re effectively targeting your ideal audience - speaking their language and publishing in the places they want to see it! 

This workshop will teach you what UX content marketing is, and how to build brand messaging that actually speaks to your audience. Don’t just create content for the sake of looking alive. Create targeted and thoughtful content that delights your audience and resonates with them. It’s all about making a connection, and building a moment - not just throwing things at a wall and seeing what sticks. This isn’t spaghetti. 

Trainer's Short BIO

Born in Canada and now living in Cyprus, Sona Kerim embodies the spirit of a global citizen. Her journey across six countries, coupled with extensive travels, has imbued her with a rich tapestry of experiences that she brings to every aspect of her life. Sona's early career as a secondary school history teacher laid the foundation for her lifelong passion for learning and educating, principles that continue to guide her as a professional.

In 2018, Sona leveraged her love for creativity and her expertise in education to found writelingo, a boutique content creation agency that has quickly become a beacon for tech companies worldwide. Under her leadership, writelingo specializes in UX messaging and content strategy, ensuring content marketing efforts are not just heard but resonate deeply with their intended audience. With a team of self-proclaimed nerds, Sona has cultivated an environment where passion meets expertise, delivering unparalleled content that spans the MENA region.

Commended as a mentor, marketer, and leader, Sona's impact is evident through the glowing testimonials from peers and mentees alike. Her ability to translate complex technical ideas into engaging narratives has not only set writelingo apart but also made her a sought-after speaker and workshop coordinator. Her workshops inspire teams across the IT industry to express their expertise effectively while remaining authentic in their communications.

As Sona Kerim presents at the Cyprus Computer Society for the Future Startup Founders Online School for Women, she brings a wealth of knowledge, a testament to her journey from educator to entrepreneur, and her unwavering commitment to enriching the tech industry with clarity, creativity, and connection.

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