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Raluca Ioana Man is a brand strategist, international business consultant, and keynote speaker. 

Workshop Title: From Beliefs to Breakthroughs: Empowering Women in Tech with Self-Leadership

Date: Wednesday, 8 May 2024

In today's rapidly evolving technological industry, breaking down barriers and encouraging gender equality is becoming increasingly crucial. To develop more inclusive workplaces and encourage innovation, we must unlock women's untapped potential. However, numerous internal and external challenges frequently obstruct their advancement to leadership. This transformative workshop will look at the power of self-leadership as a catalyst for changing the industry and inspiring women to overcome obstacles and achieve success. 

The workshop covers common misconceptions and self-imposed obstacles to women's success, such as cultural expectations and biases that limit their possibilities. It emphasizes the importance of overcoming these limiting attitudes and engaging in self-empowering actions in order to maximize leadership potential. Participants will learn how to create boundaries, prioritize well-being, challenge discriminatory behavior, own accomplishments, use intuition, encourage empathy, and form support networks. These strategies enable women to lead genuinely, have a good impact on their businesses, and increase their influence.

This workshop focuses on self-leadership, emphasizing clarity and authenticity as essential qualities for personal and professional success. Participants will discover how self-leadership not only benefits individual careers, but also improves relationships, encourages others, and develops a proactive self-management culture in enterprises. Women in technology who embrace self-leadership can boost productivity, stay motivated, develop interpersonal relationships, and serve as role models for others.

Trainer's Short BIO

Raluca Ioana Man is the visionary force behind RSEVEN Ltd, a business consulting organization specializing in tailor made solutions for Branding, Personal Branding, Reputation Management, Marketing, Business Development, Team Building, and Training. As the Director of Business Development at ServPRO Accountants & Consultants, Raluca applies her extensive experience in sales, business advising, and branding to serve clients globally. She is recognized as a seasoned brand strategist, international business consultant, and a certified trainer by the HRDA of Cyprus.

With Bachelor's degrees in International Business and Finance/Economics, as well as an MBA, Raluca actively contributes to various organizations and initiatives. Her leadership positions include serving as President of the BPW-English Speaking Club—Cyprus, Vice-Chair of the ICC Women Network Cyprus, Independent Non-Executive Director, and ESG Chairperson for Purcari Wineries, along with being the G100 Country Chair for Brand Creation and Marketing.

Raluca's diverse expertise empowers clients to excel in their respective industries, exemplifying her multifaceted approach to achieving professional success.

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