We have an amazing team of trainers!

Panis Pieri is a Growth Hacker and Blogger. 

Panis has setup the program and has the overall coordination. He will be attending and facilitating all the workshops at the schedule.

Trainer's Short BIO

Panis is a growth hacker and blogger. 

He is the founder of the independent and non-profit media Panis.News. 

#PanisNews media publishes content to create more informed people and citizens.

In addition to that, he is hosting and producing the podcast Live with Panis. 

During #PanisLive podcast we discuss society, tech, innovation, business, sports, politics etc.

Furthermore, he runs a weekly newsletter at  #PanisNewsletter and the social feed #PanisOnTour where he shares interesting moments from events he attends. 

His message is ”Keep innovating”

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