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Konstantinos Kareklas is a Strategy and Operations Advisor. 

Workshop Title: Operational foundations of a tech startup

In this session we will share tools and practices on how to set up your operational foundations, covering the areas of Strategic and tactical Planning, Operating model and the pillars of it and Product Development. The session will be delivered in an unconference style and provide guidance on how to establish your strategy and operations.

Date: Wednesday, 10 April 2024

Trainer's Short BIO

Konstantinos is providing consulting services to organizations to deal with the four mega issues. He identifies and switches all the pain points to opportunities and evolves the organization to a high performing entity and gradually "installs" an operating model that fits best and accelerates the business agility through the transformation process. Results-driven, customer-centric and goal oriented with over 10 years of experience leading and improving organisational agility, his main experience is with international companies, working either as an external or internal executive leader, providing guidance, support, consulting and coaching towards the goals and objectives enabling organisational agility.

Konstantinos assesses and audits the current Operating model, provides advisory services on how to optimize operations, identifies risks, and suggests improvements to fully support the Vision and the Mission of the organization. He leads the development and implementation of the strategy forward and continuously measures and evaluates the results and highlights improvement actions.

Tools and Practices:

Agile Strategy Map, KPIs / OKRs, Process Efficiency, Work Streams Life Cycle, Software Development Lifecycle, Cost of Lifecycle, Cost of Delay, Lifetime Value, BVPP (Business Value), Focus rate, Happiness / Sustainable pace, eNPS / NPS, Root Cause Analysis, GAP Analysis

Areas of Expertise:

Company Operations, Product Management, Software Development, Business Planning,  People Operations, Governance and Board, HR, Finance, Business Intelligence

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